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Staging: Truss & Structures

Our extensive range of Litestructures or TFL truss allows us to provide you with plenty of variation to design and build structures.


This attractive looking Bandstand adds a bit of a novelty to your event. The structure comprises of staging and trussing with a choice of red or white roof and can be levelled and built on any surface. For an evening event or wedding the Bandstand can make a key feature when lit. The stage floor can also be covered with a white material. This structure has two step units which can be positioned at any point around the stage floor.


This structure is very flexible and can be built in various different sizes. It can be built as either a raised viewing platform or fitted with bench seats for a comfortable seating area. It is a perfect solution for additional seating for shows and sporting events and can be built on a whole range of surfaces. Installation of this system by our trained crew is very quick and easy with little disruption to the surrounding environment.